#Ask4More: We need YOUR help! [PROJECT UPDATE]


Two weeks ago, we excitedly launched our first Zambian project, a women empowerment program, called #Ask4More tailor-made to fit into the Grade 12 curriculum seamlessly. Next week, we have a scheduled meeting with representatives from the department of Women in Governance to see if we can participate in a joint venture together too. Needless to say, we are very happy to see our project flourish so quickly!

Although today, we are looking for your help to make #Ak4More even better.

As already mentioned in our previous blog post, the 9-week program includes:
– A 41-page instructor booklet, detailing every part of the program, ensuring coherent progress throughout;
Weekly activities focusing on empowering the girls through various methods, such as entrusting them with administrative roles, etc.;
Team-building assignments;
Awareness of other powerful women whose endeavours changed the world as we know it;
Talks by Zambian women who managed to forge a career even though they didn’t have an easy upbringing;
Work placements during the holidays;
– University orientation visits, where students are given a taste of what awaits them if only they aim a little higher.

As an organisation, we are aiming to fund at least two University educations for the best performers in class starting from the next scholastic year, 2015/2016. A typical University education in Zambia costs approximately €750-€1000 and we are confident that, through fund raisers back home, we WILL be able to fulfil our targets.

Yet together, we can do much more! There are usually about 40 students per class, which means that our eventual targets will be to get all 40 of them into undergraduate courses at the local universities every year. Starting from today, you can donate directly towards this cause using the following information:

BANK NAME: Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0117263463803
IBAN (for international transfers): MT41LBMA05000000000117263463803
BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Mr Alan Casha & Mr Andrew Camilleri – #ASK4MORE

Moreover, it would be immensely appreciated if this article could be shared on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtags #JoinHandsForAfrica and #Ask4More. The more exposure it get, the more the chances are of overreaching our targets. So, what are you waiting for? Spread the word!

For more information, please do not hesitate to send us an email on: info@joinhandsforafrica.com or donations@joinhandsforafrica.com.

Thank you all! Stay tuned.

Androo & Alan


LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT: The Join Hands For Africa Movement



We are very excited to announce our second, and more ambitious, project yet – the Join Hands For Africa movement. After a week’s worth of deliberation, international calls, emails and teeth grinding, our next project came to fruition.

What is it?
Join Hands For Africa is our way of trying to leave a permanent mark on the places we’re visiting, starting with this little place we’re starting to call home; Lolgorien, Kenya.

How does it work?
This movement will only work with the help of everyone and anyone that can, and wants to, make a change. Any minor donation, sent to one of the Join Hands For Africa movement bank accounts of your choice will be transferred straight to where it is most needed. No middle man, no hidden fees. Each and every penny goes to those in need.

What are my options?
As of right now, after careful consideration and research, we have opened three different accounts, for three different purposes, under one name – Join Hands For Africa. All proceedings, until further notice, shall go straight into the bank account of the Lolgorien Parish Compound where we are currently residing.

For more information and better understanding of the compound and its infrastructure, please refer to our earlier blog posts.


OPTION 1: Donate for Cattle

BANK NAME: Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.
IBAN (for international transfers): MT13LBMA05000000000001172634638
BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Mr Alan Casha & Mr Andrew Camilleri – Join Hands for Africa – Re Cattle

As stated in our previous post, The Endless Struggle, the compound spends KSh100,000 per term on milk, sugar, oil etcetera, the majority of which goes to buy the milk. The best way to minimise costs is to buy dairy cattle. Amazingly enough, only two are needed to feed everyone! Each cow costs around KSh50,000 (~€450). Any more than two and the excess milk produced could be sold for profit that could be used to pay the person responsible to take care of the cattle and then some. A solid future investment.

Any donation is appreciated. The more cattle, the merrier!

OPTION 2: Infrastructural Updates

BANK NAME: Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0117263463802
IBAN (for international transfers): MT68LBMA05000000000117263463802
BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Mr Alan Casha & Mr Andrew Camilleri – Join Hands for Africa – Re Infrastructure Update

Although we have been able to update the infrastructure quite acutely with our first project, the library, there is a lot more that can be done; including a KSh2,000,000 (~€17,835) girls dormitory complete with toilets and showers equipped with separate water tanks. The girls are currently using the Church hall as a dormitory which is devoid of the basic needs. The architect has already drawn up a plan complete with the two million estimate as you can see in the picture below.



The only problem, as always, has been funds. With YOUR help this can change. Any proceedings to this account will give them the necessary funds to start the whole process and maybe in the (near?) future the girls will have their own place they can properly feel comfortable in.


OPTION 3: Sponsor A Child’s Education

BANK NAME: Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0117263463801
IBAN (for international transfers): MT95LBMA05000000000117263463801
BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Mr Alan Casha & Mr Andrew Camilleri – Join Hands for Africa – Re Child Education Sponsor

A child’s education in Kenya costs KSh24,000 ((~€215) per year. As explained in our previous blog post, only 75% of parents pay at this compound, the rest are compensated for various reasons. Yet, the number of families that can afford to send their child to school every year is slowly dwindling, and the institution cannot afford to compensate any more children.

Any proceedings towards this cause will help a child earn their education. In a world full of information, how cruel must it be for all of it to be completely unaccessible?

Christmas is coming, and Kenya’s scholastic year starts in January. €215 (the equivalent of two jackets from Zara, or 4 videogames) can literally educate a child for one whole year.


NOTE: If you are interested in sponsoring a child’s education for the whole year – ie. donate the full €215 amount – please do send us an email with your name and date of transaction and we will send you the details of the child you chose to sponsor! Our email address is: androo.cam@gmail.com or alancasha91@hotmail.com.

It is important to note that Join Hands For Africa is not a movement that will fizzle out once we complete our mission in Africa but shall continue to help the various institutions we’d have visited along the way post-our return to Malta and, God willing, well into the future.

We would like to unashamedly ask for a share – whether on Facebook or by word of mouth – your actions can have wonderful reactions all the way to Kenya (for now..)!

Stay tuned and #JoinHandsForAfrica!

Androo & Alan