Join Hands for Africa is back in Kenya: An Update

Exactly a week ago, Alan and I arrived in Kenya for a one-and-a-half month visit to get a good look at the state of our previous projects and to plan many more for the future. In 2014/2015 we had successfully finished several projects for the school compound we were living in. As expected, things have changed quite a bit in the two years following our departure. The school blossomed, so much so that its population of students and teachers has doubled! This, of course brought with it several needs that had to be accomodated for:

  • The library is now partly a dormitory for all the new students that have enrolled.
  • The cow shed has been transformed into a teachers quarters for the new employees.
  • An office and boardroom have been constructed and a full-time secretary employed to ease the workload off of the Head of School.
  • New toilets and showers have been constructed to accomodate the 200+ extra students and teachers.
  • Around 5 dairy cows now supply milk daily which eases the financial strain as well as ensuring a nutricious diet for everyone involved.

    In two years, our little organisation has grown as well. This time we are expecting a group of volunteers from Malta, Ireland and Poland to come join us in Lolgorien to facilitate in any way possible since the main purpose of our visit this year is the construction of a dormitory for the female students, who up to now have been sleeping in a make-shift hall. Way back in November 2014 we had set up an account for the specific purpose of building this very dormitory. The target of Ksh2,000,000 was impossible to reach in the two months we spent in Lolgorien, but now, two years later, construction has finally started. The foundation is already in place and by the time the volunteers arrive the dormitory could already be taking shape. 

    The foundation.

    Supplies, such as cement, have already been purchased.

    We are now eagerly waiting for the volunteers to arrive. In the meantime, we are looking at future projects in a different location whose needs far outweigh those in Lolgorien.. but that’s another story for anither day.

    Tuko pamoja! Stay tuned,

    Androo & Alan