An Introduction

The team.

First of all, welcome to my humble blog.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a 25 year old teacher from the little island paradise that is Gozo (look it up), situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, as part of the Maltese archipelago. 

It’s been well over a year ago since I took one of the biggest decisions of my relatively short life, when I decided to put everything on hold for 9 and a half months to do voluntary work in some of the most impoverished countries in Africa, namely Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi.

Well, in two weeks, I’ll be on my way to Nairobi along with one of my closest allies, Alan. It’s been a tough and bumpy ride, sometimes even coming fairly close to quitting, yet we’re almost there. I’m positive that all the mishaps we encountered will serve as adequate preparation for what we’ll actually face once we’re there.

This blog will be my photojournalistic virtual portal. As the title,  A Case For Truth, suggests I am hoping that I can give my readers a different idea of what Africa really is. The media has fed us one image of the beautiful continent  (famine, poverty, disease and death), yet I’m sure Africa and its people can offer so much more, and I will do my best to show it here. Although I know very little about photography and next to nothing about journalism I will do my best to capture the moment, in picture form and in writing.

So, watch this space!